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The Reasons We Go to the Mall

What's more American than a shopping mall? For years, US Consumers went to the mall to see what was in style, eat, and do their shopping. As Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter have risen in popularity, they have begun to replace the function of a mall. People no longer go to the mall to see what's in style, instead they turn to their phones to see what's in. Apparel sales are beginning to shift online, with 25% of total US apparel sales taking place online and that number is expected to reach 31% by 2023. While apparel sales have dropped, the number of people who go to the mall to eat has risen. Malls and their retailers have taken notice of these trends and have begun to adapt. Retailers have begun to transform their spaces from traditional retail environments to multi-faceted spaces that include retailers, but highlight dining and entertainment. 


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