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"In August, 2009, Maria Mahoney contacted me regarding a new service that The Mahoney Group was offering.  The service provided a review of Polk County property tax assessment for property owners. During the review period, The Mahoney Group completed a comparative analysis of my property including review of sales comps, similar property comps and income comps which derived a current “market” value which was compared with the Tax Assessors value. Maria and her team met with the Tax Assessors office on my behalf, presenting a case for a reduction in the proposed value and a reduction in property taxes on my two commercial properties.

This service provided a great benefit to me. My medical practice requires a substantial amount of my time. Therefore, I would have not been able to meet with the Tax Assessors office in a reasonable timeframe to get any type of reduction. The Mahoney Group’s service provided the support and experience I needed to reduce my tax liability, and allowed me to do what I do best – and that is meet with my patients. I appreciate Maria Mahoney and The Mahoney Group’s efforts on my behalf and would highly recommend anyone use their service."


— Brian M. Jurbala, MD


"I am writing to highly recommend the services of The Mahoney Group (TMG).


For the past 10 years, Maria Mahoney has provided a broad range of commercial real estate services to our practice ranging from consulting, site selection, leasing, sale and property management of multiple real estate interests owned under various partnerships and other entities. During this time we have come to know her as a woman of exceptional energy, dedication, and integrity.


Starting in the year 2000, TMG provided full management of the property and leasing services for the Vista Professional Center, a 32,000 SF 4-building professional office complex in Lakeland. TMG also handled the marketing and sale of this office complex in 2008 in a 1031 exchange.


TMG also provided full leasing and property management services for Metro 250, a 27,394 SF 2-story office building built in 2005.  Services included full lease-up of the property with a 100% occupancy by the year 2006 with long-term, AAA rated tenants and management of Landlord and Tenants improvements build-out and full property management since the building completion.


Most recently, Maria assisted us with the development of the Gateway Centre, an 18,000 SF 2- story professional building completed in September 2011. TMG provided brokerage services through auction for the acquisition of a 2+ acre parcel. She managed the property from the demolition of the existing structures to assist in the search for civil engineering and architecture firms for the development of the project. She is currently marketing the property, which has the entire 9,000 SF 1st floor available for lease.


Maria is always there when you need her, and tackles every new project with enthusiasm and efficiency. The quality of her services is exceptional, but she is also a thoroughly delightful lady to work with, and I value the friendship that we have developed as much as I value her impeccable skills.


Prepare to be impressed."


— David M. Misch, M.D.

"Maria Mahoney was the last in a long string of managers and management companies that I employed after purchasing an initial 28 duplexes in the Lakeland! Auburndale area. To say that I was unhappy with all managers other than Mrs. Mahoney would be a tremendous understatement. These residential properties were run by Mrs. Mahoney in an area poorly served by support businesses. In addition, there was considerable crime and all of the associated signs of social disintegration in the community where these properties  were located, changing a routine job into an extremely challenging job. I am forever indebted to Maria for the leasing of these properties and their management during that difficult period which resulted in their ultimate sale by Maria.

Maria is calm, pleasant, energetic, and at the same time assertive. She is a very sound non-confrontational negotiator and demonstrates superb fundamental skills, cost analysis, cash flow, etc. She is very responsive to problems experienced by the owners, and she effectively and immediately deals with potential tenant abuses in a tactful no-nonsense fashion. She is very good at following management guidelines. She provides clear and concise management reports. She is alert to detail which is complemented by a superb memory. She is one of the few business people whom I have known who does not take numerous “times off’ allowing deterioration in property or opportunities to take place. One comes away from any experience with her with a profound understanding of her basic honesty and fairness to everyone whether owner or tenant.

It is probably obvious from the above that I have had a very good experience with Maria Mahoney in the management and sale of my properties. I do not think that my experience has been unique as her business and reputation has continuously grown through the years and her goodness as a person and shrewdness as a businessperson is known to all in the community and grudgingly admired by her competitors. I am happy to have had this opportunity to highly recommend her." 

— David E. Wells, M.D, FA.C.C.

"I would like to thank you for representing me with the sale of my truck terminal in Mulberry Florida. The transaction was smooth mainly because of your involvement.


Trying to handle a long distant transaction from California is not easy unless you have the help of a great realtor. The countless hours and trips you made to the property to help manage the condition is greatly appreciated. If at any time you would like to use me as a reference, please do so. Again, thank you for all of your help and the best wishes for you in the new year." 


— Jini Aartrnan

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