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Thanksgiving Day Weekend Sales Remain Strong Despite Skepticism 

Thanksgiving weekend was huge for brick and mortar stores. More than 60 percent of adults in the US found themselves shopping at retail stores this weekend. The number of shoppers and amount spent this Thanksgiving Day weekend surpassed last year’s results. The average spent increased from $413 to $504 and over 157 million Americans visited retail stores this weekend. Brick and mortar retailers also saw an increase in online shopping and an increase in in-store pickups. In store pickups allow the shopper to avoid shipping fees and allow the retailer an opportunity to offer the customers more goods and services. Cyber Monday is also an excellent opportunity for brick and mortar retailers, because it allows them to showcase their products and drive online customers into their physical locations. Despite all of the doom and gloom that is discussed, brick and mortar retailers saw increased spending this weekend and saw that Thanksgiving Day weekend excitement remains high.

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