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We approach every project with an ownership mentality and a single goal – realize the highest and best use for space, while creating and maximizing value for the property. With more than 30 years of local market history, we understand the various intricacies of retail, office, and industrial leasing specific to Polk County. Our knowledge is key to our clients’ long-term success. 


We have extensive networks and connections stretching across Central Florida to abroad that support our leasing and sales clients. We belong to several business associations to keep in touch with the retail, office, and industrial industry trends and forecasts. Along with print marketing, online advertising and use of social media, we also do business the old-fashioned way - we target specific potential tenants and pick up the phone and recruit the right retailers for our properties and area. We do not rely on our phones to ring to create business for our clients… we actively go out and make deals happen.

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