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Population Growth in Central Florida

Central Florida is one of the fast growing regions in the US. Tampa saw a population increase of over 50,000 people from July 2017 to July 2018, while Orlando grew by more than 60,000 people within the same year. Orlando was ranked fifth for largest growth by number of people and Tampa came in ninth. Tampa's growth has been primarily driven by in-migration, while Orlando's growth was primarily driven by immigrants new to the United States. While Orlando and Tampa saw huge growth by sheer numbers, the Interstate 4 Corridor saw incredible growth as well. The Lakeland-Winter Haven/Polk County area saw 3.2% growth, the fourth highest in the US. The Villages claimed the sixth spot with a growth rate of 3.1%. The area has seen incredible growth and it will continue to do so. With Central Florida's quickly growing population and geographical significance, the region is primed for business and commercial real estate investments.



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